Thursday, July 25, 2013

Smartboard Notebook Trick: Use the screen shade to only show what you want your students to see.

I use the screen shade option a ton.  If you haven't given it a try, you should.  I like to give visual and oral quizzes to my students.  I use the screen shade so that we can all be on the same question at the same time.


1.  Just click on the "Screen Shate" button.

2.  Everything on your screen should now be behind the "Screen Shade."

3.  You should see 3 dots on your screen shade and a red "x".  The red "x" will reveal everything behind your shade.  The three dots are control handles that let you drag your screen shade down or left and right.

4.  I just drag the screen down revealing questions and answers as I go.  Give it a shot.