Wednesday, August 14, 2013

SchoolMaster Gradebook: How do I import Mark Tables

Follow these steps to import mark tables.  This tutorial is meant mainly for the Snowflake Unified School Districts gradebook, but the steps are pretty much the same for the program no matter which school you use.

1.  Click on "Utility" and choose the "Import Mark Tables" option.

2.  If you are a teacher at an elementary school pick the "Elementary/Standards Mark Table" option.  If you are at the Middle or High Schools pick the "Secondary Mark Tables" option.  Click OK.

3.  Pick the type of mark table you want to use.  Most likely it would be the "Standard" option.  Not sure what all of the others are, but they must be specific to different schools.  Click OK.

4. Now go back to your gradebook and select the "Configuration" from the "View" menu.  Under "Mark Table" select the Standard Mark Table option or whatever mark table you imported.