Smartboard Tips, Tricks, Game and Add-ons as well as other Smartboard Notebook 11 tutorials.
  1. Create a review game board using the Smartboard Notebook.
  2. Tips and Tricks using the Magic Pen tool.
    • Three tricks using the magic pen.  You have to try these out.
  3. New Smartboard tip and trick worth giving a shot this coming school year in your classroom. The Extreme Collaboration add-on has the potential of revolutionizing the way we use the Smartboard with our students and in classes that have mobile devices. Take a look at this tutorial to get an idea of what is possible with the Extreme Collaboration tool.
  4. Create an interactive lesson using the Smart Notebook Checker Tool.
  5. How do I disable my SmartInk toolbar?
    • If you are annoyed with the SmartInk tool bar in the Notebook 11 software, this tutorial will show you how to disable it.
  6. Create Quizzes using the Scree Shade technique.
    • Use a screen shade to hide and show parts of your Notebook presentation.
  7. View web pages from within Notebook
    • Add a web browser to your Notebook presentation.  This way you don't have to flip between a browser and your presentation.
  8. Move from one page to another quicker using the swipe technique.
    • Just swipe left and right to move around pages in your presentation.
  9. OCD?  Use the Alignment Tool to make objects straighter.
    • Use the alignment tool to make sure your objects are in line and your presentation neat.
  10. Trace images and objects from another program and place your tracings into your Notebook Presentation.
    • Make your presentation transparent so you can write on other programs and then copy the ink into your Smartboard presentation.
  11. Clear ink off of your Notebook pages quicker with the "Clear Ink" button.
    • Use the clear ink button to quickly erase all ink from your page.
  12. Use Timed Saves to keep from losing work.
    • Use timed saves so that you don't have to worry about pushing the saved button.
  13. Remove the anoying "Floating Toolbar."
    • Don't like your Smartboard Notebook's floating toolbar.  This tutorial will show you how to get rid of it.
  14. Create a simple Matching Game.
    • Create a simple Smartboard matching game using a table and a table shade.
  15. Use the "Instant Checker Tool" to create an instant quiz.
    • This idea will allow you to create a different quiz type of activity. Add questions and answers and then use the checker tool to tell students which answer is the correct one.
  16. What is the activity builder and how do I build an activity?

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