Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Virus/adware removal: Higher Aurum Ads

Even pros get stupid adware and viruses.  I was trying to download software for my son and woke up this morning with new ads on every page that I googled.  To see if you have the "Higher Aurum Ads" adware, look at one of the ads displaying.  Somewhere, usually at the bottom or the left hand side of an ad, see if it is labeled with "Higher Aurum Ads."  Other indications were that I would get a popup box to the left and a permanent ad at the bottom of every page.  Also, where Google normally has their High Paid ads on a Google search, I found those replaced with the "Higher Aurum Ads."  Below is a tutorial on how to remove it and samples of the ads.

Samples of the Higher Aurum Ads.

Removal of the Higher Aurum Ads instructions

1.  The nice thing about this adware is that it is very simple to remove.  First go to your "Add and Remove Programs" or "Uninstall a Program" feature of your control panel.  If you have Windows 8, just do a search for Uninstall a Program.  Once you are in your "Add and Remove Programs," locate the "Higher Aurum" file.  It will have other numbers next to it that just indicates the version.

2.  After you have selected the program you want to uninstall, just click the "Uninstall" button at the top.

3.  You will now be taken through the uninstall process.  Just click the "Next," "Uninstall," and "Finish" buttons.


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