Friday, January 3, 2014

Windows: Have you ever felt like your Windows machine took too long to boot up?

Have you ever felt like your Windows machine took too long to boot up?  How about feeling like your memory was already eaten up before you had a chance to open your first program?  The reason for this could be that you have multiple programs trying to get loaded into your system's memory before ever even having a chance to get booted up.  A Windows machine should never, in my opinion, take longer than 90 seconds to boot up and then open up your internet home page.  Get a timer out and time your machines boot up as soon as you push the start button.  When you first get into Windows, click on your browser icon.  Once your homepage is fully loaded stop the timer.  If it took more than 90 seconds that is too long.  Try getting rid of start up processes.  Below is a tutorial on how this is done.

Speeding up my Startup Tutorial

1. Go to your "search" and search for the program "msconfig".  If you are using Windows XP try going to "Start" and then "Run" and type "msconfig" into the run bar.

2.  You should get a new Windows dialogue box.  Click on the "Startup" tab.  In Windows 7 or 8 you will then need to click the "Open Task Manager" link.  In Windows XP you are ready for step 3.

3.  You will now see a bunch of different programs that load their processes into your system's memory during the loading of Windows.  On Windows XP just uncheck the boxes of programs you are for sure not wanting to load during startup.  On Windows 7 and 8 just click on the program and select then click the  "disable" option found at the bottom of the right hand corner.

Once you are all done you will need to restart your machine.  NOTE of CAUTION: I try to stay away from disabling things that are from Windows and anything that mentions hardware like sound and video.  Also know that because the program is not in your memory, it will take slightly longer to open the first time you do, but since I don't use say Adobe Reader every day, I always have it disabled and then when I need it, it will take just a little longer to open.

Now to verify that your boot time has improved, complete another time test.  I hope this help.  There are many reasons a computer boots slowly though, this is just a simple trick to try to improve the speed.


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