Thursday, April 5, 2012

Google Docs: Defining words

One of the many cool tools that Google Docs will allow your students to do is define words directly within their document or a document you sent them.  In other words if there is a word that they don't quite understand or if you give them a list of words to define, the can simply look up those definitions.


1.  Just let your students know that they just need to highlight a word.

2.  Then they need to click the "Tools" menu item and then choose the "Define" option.  Note that they can also use the hot keys "Ctrl, Shift, and Y" at the same time and that will open up the dictionary.

3.  The neat way that Google does this is that it first shows you a simple definition of the word, but then does a quick search on the web to find website that also discuss the word

Your students and even yourself can sure use this awesome tech tool as they go through their studies.  Please share it with them.