Thursday, March 15, 2012

Google Mail: How do I rename, edit, and change colors of a Gmail folder?

After you have setup a Gmail folder, you may want to come back at some point and rename it, color code it, move it, or even delete it.  Below is a tech tutorial on how to make those changes.


1.  After you have logged into your Gmail account, hover you mouse over the left side of the window and your "Labels" will expand so that you can see them all.  Navigate to the "Label" that you would like to change.  Hover your mouse over that label and you should see a "drop down" arrow.  Left click on it.

2.  A new dialogue box should appear.  Using this box you can add color/color code your labels.  You can even customize that color.  Toward the bottom you will see a "Remove" label option if you want to delete that folder.  You will also see an "Edit" option.  Click on it if you want to rename your "Label."

3.  Another dialogue box will appear and on this one you can change the Gmail label to be more specific.  Also using this box, you can "Nest" your label, or place that label as a subcategory of another label.  Once you are done, click the save button and your Label will now change and move according to the choices that you have made.

That is all there is to it.