Monday, March 19, 2012

How do I embed widgets/gadgets onto my Moodle page?

Embedding widgets/gadgets into your Moodle page can seriously and dynamically enhance your Moodle classroom.  There are literally thousands of widgets/gadgets out there that can be fun and bring a level of interactivity to your class.  This tutorial can also work on your blog or class website.


In this example we are going to embed a widget that displays the latest earthquake notices.  If you are teaching an earth science course then adding a widget that displays up-to-date information would be awesome to have.

1.  Once logged into your Moodle course, find the "Edit" hand near the location in which you want your widget installed.  Click on it.

2.  On almost all the menu bars of Moodle text boxes you will see a set of  "greater than/less than" signs < >.  Click that button.

3.  Now you need to find a widget/gadget that you would like to embed.  There are many sites.  Widgetbox and Google Gadgets are really nice ones.  Go to one of these sites.

4.  Search for a particular widget/gadget that you would like to use.  I am going to search for an earthquake gadget.

5.  Scroll and browse until you find the widget/gadget that is interesting.  Click the "Add to your webpage" button.  Other sites with might say something about "Get code" and have a button that reflects that.

6.  Click on box that contains the code.  Some boxes will have a "copy" button and some you will just have to use the right click and copy method, but however you choose to do it, just copy the code.

7.  Once the code is copied go back to your Moodle page.  Right click where you left off and select the "Paste" option.

8.  It should now look something like this.  You don't really need to understand the code.  Click the "Save Changes" button.

9.  This will take you back to your Moodle course page.  You should now see the widget on your page.