Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How do I disable the Use Simple File Sharing on Windows XP??

1.  Click you "Start Button."
2.  Click your "My Computer" icon.
3.  At the top of the window click the "Tools" option.

4.  Choose the "Folder Options..." option.
5.  Click on the "View" tab.

6.  Scroll to the bottom of the menu by using the scroll bar.
7.  Find the very last option, "Use simple file sharing (Recommended) in the list and make sure that the "Check box" is UN-checked.
8.  When you are done just click the "OK" button.


  1. Turn off simple file sharing is a feature introduced in Microsoft Windows XP. Simple File Sharing removes some file sharing security options available in other versions of Windows. This helps Windows XP administrators quickly set up folder shares.