Monday, February 13, 2012

Changing Class order In School Master Gradebook

Some staff, especially at the JH and HS levels have asked how to change the name of their classes so that their classes show up in the daily chronological order.  Right now the default is that School Master Gradebook pulls the class title from what they office names it.  Well you can change it for your benefit so that your classes appear in the order and then name in which you would want them.


1.  Choose one of you classes and open it.

2.  Click the drop down menu next to "View" and click the "Configuration" option.

3.  In the configuration box you will fine the "Title" section.  Here is where you can call your class whatever you would like.  If you just want to name it, "First Period", "Second Period" and so forth then that would be great.  This will then change the order that you see in the first picture.