Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Creating rules and folders in Gmail

Below is a tutorial that will demonstrate how to create a rule inside of Gmail so that specific email messages will go directly to that folder with or without going to your inbox.

Why would you want to create a rule?

  • Rules will automatically do something specific with a certain email or email message type.  An example would be for my tech tutorials you can create a folder and then a rule that when you get a message from be and it has the words tutorial in it, you can have that message automatically go to a folder labeled "Weir's Tech" or something like that.

1.  Click on the "Move to" icon.

2.  Toward the bottom, click the "Create New" option.

3.  Create a label.  In this case I named it "Beyond Textbooks."  If you want to create a label under a label, you would then specify "Nest label under:" and then select the main label.

4.  You should now see the label on the left hand side of your email.

5.  Now click the "Gear" icon  in your email.  Should find it toward the top and right of your screen.  Then select the "Settings" option.

6.  Click on the "Filters" tab.

7.  Click the "Create a new filter" link down at the bottom.

8.  Now type in what is needed for your filter.  If you want emails from a specific person to go to a folder then type in their "Name" in the "From" section.  If you get a bunch of emails with the same subject line, type that line in under the word "Subject."  If certain emails come in with certain key words from the body of the email, you can filter those as well.  You can even have emails from certain people with attachments go to a specific folder.  Once you are done creating your filter click the "Create filter with this search" link.

9.  Now you need to tell your filter what to do with the information.  There are several options.  The option for this tutorial is to click the "Apply the label" and then choose which label you want your filter to represent. In this case it would be to my newly created "Beyond textbooks" folder.  Once you are done, click the "create filter" button.

Your filter should now be active and working.  If you have any questions don't hesitate to shoot me an email.


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