Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How do I change the theme to my Gmail email view?

How do I change the theme and visual look in my Gmail?

Having a theme, besides the default makes Gmail more fun to look at.  Changing its look is super simple.


1.  Make sure you are logged into your Gmail account.
2.  Click on the "Gear" button in your gmail.  Now notice that you have two Gears.  Make sure you click on the one that is not by your email address information.  Click on the lower one.

3.  In the window that pops up, click the "Themes" option.

4.  Now you will see a bunch of image thumbnails.  Choose the one the best fits your style.  Note that after you choose you will see it automatically come alive and you do not have to save your settings.  I have tried many themes and find that some are great and pretty, but sometimes pretty does not make it easy on your eyes when reading your email, so go ahead and change it again if the style you selected is not the right one.

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