Friday, March 23, 2012

Smartboard: Create a study game using flip tiles.

Below is a tutorial on how you would go about creating a board game using tiles that have questions on one side and answer on the other.  This tech tutorial will demonstrate how to lock the different parts to the board while allowing you to create game pieces that can be moved.

By the time you are done with this tutorial you should have a game board that looks similar to this.  Kids will roll the dice.  They will move their game piece accordingly and then touch the tile with the question.  The tile will flip over and reveal the answer.  If the student answered it wrong they will have to go back to the start.

1.  First lest create a back ground.  Right click on your main document and choose the "Set Background" option.

2.  Now pick the colors that you want your background to have.  I personally like the gradients so I will actually pick two different colors.

3.  Now once your background is set click on your Gallery button to open up your Notebook's gallery section.

4.  Now search for the key terms "Question flipper," and then click the "Search" button.

5.  Under the section "Interactive and Multimedia" select the type of question flipper that you would want to use for your game.  I chose the 1st one for this game.

6.  Now to get your question flipper onto your game board just left click and hold and then grade it over.  To resize the flipper look toward the bottom right corner of the tile and you will see a "triangle" looking thing.  Just left click on it and drag your mouse diagonally up or down to see it's size change.

7.  Now at the top left of the tile you will see a double arrow.  >>  Click that so that you can edit your questions and answers.

8.  On the top of the tile you should now see a "Front" and "Back" tabs.  These are so that you can edit the text on both sides.  At the bottom is where you can change your font size so that your question can fit the tile better, you can change the color of your text, you can change the font style and at the very bottom you can change the background color of your tile.  Once you have jazzed up your question flipper, click OK.

9.  Once you have the basis of your first tile, you want to copy it so that you don't have to change the styles for every single tile.  Click on the tile, and the either go to "Edit" and "Copy" or use the hot key, Ctrl C.  Then just hit your Ctrl V about 20 times or so.  That will give you 20 tiles to start out with.  Now just drag those tiles about and create the shape of your game board.

10.  Now go back to your Gallery and search for the word "dice."

11.  Select the color and type of dice you would like for your game.  Drag it onto your game board and place it in a good location.

12.  Now go back to your gallery and search for the word "square."

13.  Drag the square onto your game-board and then resize it and then drag it to the beginning/start location of your game.  Now copy that image and then drag the copy over to the end/finish section of your game-board.

14.  Now left click on a blank section of your game-board and start typing the word "Start."  Change the font and color as you want it.  Drag it onto the beginning square.  Now duplicate that action and type the word "Finish" and then drag it over onto your "Finish" square.

15.  Once more click on a blank section and type in the directions/rules for your game.

16.  Your game-board should now look something like this or similar using any design you would like to use.

17.  Now what you are going to do is either go to "Edit"and choose the "Select All" option or using your keyboard hit "Ctrl A."    This will select everything you have on your board.

18.  Now find a drop down arrow on one of your object and click it.

19.  Go to the "Locking" option and then click on the "Lock in Place."  This will now make each tile, all your words so far, and you dice locked so that when you use the Smartboard you don't accidentally move the pieces around.

20.  Now go back to your gallery and search for some cool game pieces.  I chose a dog, cat, mouse, and cheese.  Resize and drag those object onto your "Start" section.

21.  Now your students can roll the dice and then move the game pieces on your board.  That is all there is to your making a pretty slick and easy to make game board that can be a very interactive method of learning and practising review questions.

If you don't particularly want to create a game and just muse my copy here is the download link.  Smartboard Game


  1. Thanks for this great tutorial! I have been looking to utilize my smartboard for games and other engaging activities but I am not as technology-savvy as I would like to be! I am always looking for great blogs where I can learn some new techniques so anything you can suggest would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Deena,

      Thanks for taking the time to take a look. Using the smartboard in the classroom is great. I hope to be having other ideas soon. If you have one please share.

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