Thursday, July 25, 2013

Smartboard Notebook Tip: View web pages directly from within Notebook.

With Smartboard notebook you have the capability of viewing and browsing the web right from the Notebook software.  You can set it up so that once you are done viewing with one class you can reset the site to go back to the beginning.


1.  Click on "Insert" and then choose the "Internet Browser" option.  

2.  You should now see Notebook's default page appear.  At the very bottom is the URL bar.  Type or paste an internet address into the URL bar.

3.  In this example I went to the dogs page on Animal Planet.

4.  Next to the URL bar, you will see two pins.  The right pin is kind of like a "Bookmark."  Pin the address.  Now you can browse this site and go where you want with your classroom.  Once you are done or want to go back to the first page, just hit the left pin button.  Now you are ready for your next class.