Monday, July 22, 2013

Smartboard Tip: Don't spend time erasing all the ink, use the clear ink button.

Have you ever had to spend time erasing all the ink off of your Smarboard Notebook?  I know that you can take your eraser and draw a big circle around your ink and then touch the middle and that can clear the in, but here is a little known secret that might save some time.  Use the "Clear Ink" button.  The problem is that the "Clear Ink" button isn't standard on the toolbar and that's why most don't know it exists.  Below is a tutorial on how to add the "Clear Ink" to your tool bar as well as use it.


1.  Right click on your toolbar, and a new dialogue box will appear.  All of these buttons can be added to the tool bar.  Just take any of of these buttons, left click and drag the button to the toolbar.

2.  Your "Clear Ink" button is now on your toolbar.  

3.  So lets say your a diagramming and drawing on a map on one of your Smart Notebook pages.  The example below doesn't show much ink so using an eraser is fine, but if you can get into the habit of using the "Clear Ink" button you will save time.

4.  The cool thing about the "Clear Ink" button is that it leaves your other objects alone and doesn't delete them.  This is an easy way to clear the board and get ready for your next class.