Thursday, July 25, 2013

Smartboard Notebook Trick: Use alignment to make sure your objects are straight.

If you are a person who is slightly on the perfectionist side, you will like using the "Alignment" option.  Alignment allows you to view how your Notebook items are going to align with another Notebook item.  Using this tool will allow you to easily set up neat and organized pages.


1.  Once you are in the Smartboard Notebook software program, click the "View" from the menu bar and choose the alignment tool.

2.  Decide how many of the alignment guides you will want to help you set up your Notebook page.  I choose them all.  Checking all the boxes give guidelines in vertical and horizontal directions and will "Snap" the objects in place correctly.

3. So if I want to snap this one in perfect alignment with the other ones, I drag it close and then you will see lines appear to show you what your alignment is like.  You can see that the bottom left one has 3 lines going horizontally and 3 lines going vertically which indicates that I am perfectly aligned with the other ones.