Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Smartboard Notebook Trick: Use transparent background to trace items from your computer or internet.

Here is a great idea when using your Smart Notebook program.  Dazzle your students with your ability to draw by using the transparent background and tracing images.  You can also use the transparent background and still interact and browse the web.  Once you are done tracing and marking things up, your work gets saved into your Notebook presentation.


1.  First right click somewhere your your menu bar if you don't already have your transparent background button.

2.  Scroll down until you find the "Transparent Background" icon.  Left click and drag the icon to your menu bar.

3.  You should now have the button on your toolbar.  Click on it and your window to Notebook will disappear.

4.  Your Smartboard Notebook will appear to disappear.  You will now see another toolbar.  If you have the clicker/instant response system you can even add questions right from your transparent screen.

5.  In this example I found an image of a dog and was able to trace it into my Notebook software.  I don't even draw well so you all that are artists this could be a great tool.