Friday, July 19, 2013

Google Sites: Adding Page Level Permissions to your Google Site

Sometimes when creating a website in Google sites, you may only want the public to view certain pages and keep some pages private either to yourself or with a group.  For example I created a site that contains two categories of fillable forms.  One category called High School Forms and one category called District forms.  I only want the public to have access to the High School Forms and only teachers to have access to District forms.  Below is a tutorial on how to create sites with page level permissions.


1.  Log into you Google Site.  Click the "Share" button.

2.  Select your "Home Page" that you plan to give permissions to.

3.  Scroll down a little and start entering people that you want to view private sections on your site.

4.  When you start entering people the box will get a little bigger with a few more options.  I change the "Can Edit" option to "Can View."  I usually send them a message letting the user know that I have now given them permission to view that particular page.  Click the "Share & Save" button.

5.  You will notice a grayed out sentence that says, "New pages inherit permissions by default.  If you want to add a user to a specific page you must first add them at the site level.  If you don't see a place to "Invite people" then you are not at the "Site Level."

6.  Now click on the page that you want to make private with those individuals.  In this case I want to make the "District Forms" page private.

7.  If everything went well you should now see your users with a dashed line.  This means that they can't view that page yet.

8.  Click on the dashed line and you will get a couple of options. Allow this user to have permission to edit the page or can they just view the page.

9.  After you have gone down the list of added names make sure your click the "Save changes" button at the bottom.

Make a comment below if you need added help with these instructions on adding page level permissions to your Google Site.