Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Youtube Glitch: My youtube videos keep stopping at a specific time and won't play.

Sometime in May or June I noticed that my Windows 8 and Windows Vista machines quit playing some of the YouTube videos.  The videos would always start but in my case they would quit playing and buffering at 14 seconds.  I spent hours on this problem so I hope you don't have to.

I tried Chrome, IE, and Firefox and they all stopped exactly at the same spot.  I tried browsers on Windows XP and it worked fine.  I also didn't see any problems on my iPad, Smartphone, or Droid tablet.

I tried uninstalling and re-installing Flash.

I finally came across an obscure post of somebody that had the exact same problem  I tried his solution and it worked great for me.  So if your YouTube playback symptoms are:

  1. Stopping video at specific time
  2. Stopping and Starting
then try this Google Chrome solution.  So far it works at 100%.


1.  Open up Google Chrome.  Go to the 3 bars/settings at the top right of your browser and choose the "Settings" option.

2.  On the left hand side of your screen you should see "Extensions."  Click on it.

3.  At the very bottom of your extensions, you will see a link.  Click on the "Get more extensions" link.

4.  In the search bar, type in "smartvideo for youtube" and hit your enter button.

5.  Click the "Add to Chrome" button.

6.   Go back into settings and extension and click the "Options" link under the Smartvideo for Youtube" extension.

7.  The two options that I checked were the "Start buffering right away" and the "Start playing when buffered" option.

If you have the same problem that I had, I hope this worked for you.  Let me know how it went.