Saturday, July 6, 2013

Windows 8: How do I find my installed programs in Windows 8?

Many people aren't liking the new Windows 8 because they are having trouble finding their programs without the traditional style start menu.  Here is a very easy way to find your programs, images, music and anything else on your computer.  The new search feature is awesome when you get used to it.

Windows 8 Tutorial:  How do I find my programs, images, music and other things?

1.  First hover your mouse in the top right corner of your monitor, or if you have a touch screen swipe your finder in the middle of the right side of your monitor.

2.  You will now see a new menu appear.  Click on the "Search" option.

3.  Just start typing a part of the program, file, song, or image you are looking for.  You can see that just typing the letter "c" give me 33 apps/programs, 316 settings programs, and 9918 files that all have a "c" in it.  

4.  You will also see that apps will start appearing the moment you type.  The more letters you type in the less options you will see.  One really nice feature is that it lists the apps, images, music, and other things in order of the frequency in which they are used.  Because I used Google Chrome so often you notice that the "c" brings it up first.

5.  If I type the whole word "chrome" just the Google Chrome icon will be in my results.

6.  Lets say I have a picture of a dog that I am looking for.  I go to my search type the word "dog" in and you can see that under the files tab I have 4 documents containing the word "dog", 3 pictures, 12 music files and 1 other.  Just click on the picture column and I will only see the three images with a dog.

This is the easiest search feature a computer has had yet.  Give it a shot and let us know how it went.