Monday, July 22, 2013

Smarboard Tip: Don't forget to save; set up timed saves.

Has the power ever gone off and you have regretted not having saved a document?  Don't ever let that happen when using Smartboard Notebook software.  You can set up the document for saved times and even set it up to save to a different document type.  Below is a tutorial on how to use your "Timed Save" feature.


1.  A good habit to get into is this first step.  When you first open up your Notebook software, click on "File" and then select the "Timed Saves..." option.

2.  Set up the Notebook timed save to what ever you want.  I actually have my set up to the second option "Every time I move to a different page."  This option is nice because I move through pages quickly and it save automatically as I create and edit my pages.

3.  Decide what file type you want your document to be automatically saved too.  Click the "Next" button.

4.  If you haven't saved your document yet, you will see a dialogue box that forces you to give your Notebook file a name.  Click the "Save" button and you are all set.