Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Edline: Embed HTML Code into your Website

Embed HTML Code

  1. Go to the site from which you want to use code for your own web page.
  2. In this example I am going to use Youtube (NOTE:  If you embed Youtube, your student’s will still not be able to see it on campus, but should be able to view it from home).  Most interactive site now a days have an embed code located somewhere.
    1. It will actually say “Embed” or “Share” somewhere on the site.
                                                               i.      Note that the “URL” is another way to get the address to the site you are using.
  1. Right Click on the “Embed” line.
    1. Select “Copy”
  2. Once you have the Embed Code copies go to your Edline website or Moodle Site.  I will demonstrate both.
  3. In Edline.
    1. Log in
    2. Navigate to your class.
    3. Under “Command Center” click on the “Manage Class” link
                                                              i.      (NOTE:  These instructions show you how to embed an object on your front page.  You can also embed them in your calendar or on an assignment within Edline.)
    1. In the “Description” section click on the “HTML” button.
    1. Paste the code into the HTML box that opened up.
    1. Click the “Update” button found at the bottom of the box.
    1. Scroll to the bottom of your page and click on the “Save” button.
    1. You should now see your embedded object.  In this case a Youtube video.

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