Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Windows XP: Adding a Networked Printer

Add a Network Printer

1.      Open up internet explorer
  1. Click “File” then “Print”
  2. Click on the “Find Printer” Button
  3. Type in the abbreviations for your school site in the Name box then click “Find Now” button.
    1. Abbreviations are:  hs, hp, ti, te, si, jh
  4. Find the printer that shows the correct location next to it.  (Usually “workroom”)
  5. Double Click the printer name.
  6. This will take a minute, but will eventually come up.
  7. To make any printer the default just right click on the printer you want to set as default and select the “Set as Default Printer” link.
  8. Click apply.


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