Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Office 2000: Outlook and Spam Email

So, lets talk about how you, on your end, can delete spam before you ever have to read it.
1.       Open up Outlook
2.      Click on the “Organize” icon
3.     This should now open up an area that looks similar to this:
4.      Click on the “Junk E-Mail” link.
5.     First click the down arrows that say “color” in them.  Change those to “move”
6.     Change the “Junk Email” to “Deleted Items”
7.       Now click the two “Turn On” buttons. 
After step seven, anything that is classified as Junk will be sent to your Deleted Items folder.  The problem is, you still have to tell the computer which emails you consider to be junk.  To do that, follow these next steps.
1.     1.     Let’s say I don’t want the following email
b.     Notice that it already has a (Spam Tag).  This means that Barracuda is suspicious of this email, but let it through because it wasn’t sure, so it is just letting you know that it does think it is spam, but giving you the option of deleting it. 
2.     2.     Right click on the email that you consider unwanted.
a.      a.     
b.     b.     Click on the “Junk E-mail”
c.     c.     Then click one of the following options
3.     3.     After this step just delete the email and you will never get an email from that particular sender again.


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