Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Schoolmaster: Setting up Gradebook for a New Semester

Setting up grades for new semester
  1. Go to “Display” and click on the “Select Date Range” option.
  2. Click on the drop down box for the “Start Date.”
  3. Select the correct dates for the first day of the semester.
    1. The dates are color coded.  In this example, term three is in blue.
    2. Now select the “End Date” for the semester.  In this example, the 4th term is in brown.
  4. Now we need to change your “Overall” column so that the grades that you give reflect the new semester.
  5. Click on “Display” from your menu bar and then select the “Set Overall Column” option.
  6. Click on the drop downs for the dates and select the correct dates.
    1. Click “OK” when you are finished.

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