Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Schoolmaster: Exporting Grade to the Office

The following instructions demonstrate how to post grades to schoolmaster (your office).  These instructions are the same every time you post to the office.  Examples of posting are:  Eligibility, Progress 1, Term1, Semester 1 etc. 

1.   Open up your gradebook.
2.   Go to Task
3.   Click on “Add Calculation”
4.   Give it a title
a.   This would be: Eligibility, Progress 1, Term1, Semester 1 etc.  Whatever the offices asks for.  In this case it will be "4th Progress"
5.   Leave the weight alone
6.   Make sure it says “Overall” in the "Calculate on Members of"
7.   Select the appropriate date range.  9 TIMES OUT OF 10 IF THERE IS AN ERROR IT WILL BE THE DATE RANGE
8.   Check the box for “Prompt for posting information.”
9.   Check the “Add to Multiple Gradebooks”
10.  Select all of your gradebooks.
11.  Click OK
  1. A box like the one below will then pop up.  In this case you will now select the "Progress 4" option.
14.  Select the type of posting that your office told you to use.  In these sets of instructions I an doing “Progress 1.”   THIS TIME YOU SHOULD BE USING "Progress 4"   Click “OK”
15.  Now you are ready to post to the office.
16.  Click on “Utility”
17.  Click on the “Post Section Marks to Schoolmaster”
18.  This box will now appear.  Select all of your Gradebooks, check the mark position to make sure the right calculation is selected.  In this case I made sure the Progress1 was in there.  Then click “Begin”
19.  It will then go through a quick process of sending your grades and you are done.
20.  Double check that it worked by calling your Schoolmaster super user who is usually one of the site secretaries.

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