Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sending Email Notices to Staff, Students, and Parents from website

  1. Go to the Edline website:  www.edline.net
  2. Log in
  3. In the “My Other Groups” section click on the school you work at.
  4. Under the section “Command Center” click on the “Manage Users” link.
  5. At the right hand corner of your screen, click on the “Show 50”  and then select the “Show All” option.
  6. Towards the bottom, on the left hand side, click the “Select All” link.
  7. If you see check boxes with check marks in them now the “Select All” worked
  8. Now click the “Send Email” button
  9. Type in a subject in the “Subject” text box.
  10. Write your message in the “Message” text box.
  11. Click the send button.

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