Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Office 2000: Introduction to Excel

 Beginning Excel
What is excel: 
  1. Excel is a software program that allows users to enter and manipulate data. Students in grades 3-12 can learn to use Excel successfully -- even if their teachers are not expert technology or Excel users.

  1. Spreadsheet:  Basic excel document
  2. Cell:  The individual fields where you enter data.
  3. Columns are lettered
  4. Rows are numbered
  5. Each cell is labeled with a letter and a number; similar to battleship. 
    • Example:  A1, C10


Creating the spreadsheet
  • Create the following spreadsheet
  • Click in cell “D2”
    • Click the “Edit Formula” button
    • Click the drop down box.
      1. Select the “Average” option.
    • You should now see the following
      1. Make sure that in the number 1 box it says “B2:C2”
    • Click “OK”
  • You should now see the average in D2
·        We don’t want to do the formula for each cell so here is a shortcut.
o       Hover you mouse pointer over the bottom right hand corner of cell D2.
o       It should now change from a pointer into a “+” sign.
o       Left click and hold, then drag down the “D” column.  This will now put that formula in each row.
o       You should now see averages in each row.
·        Now select cell B10.
·        Click on the “Edit Formula” button again.
·        Click on the dropdown button and select Average.
o       Make sure that the next box in the “Number1” says “B2:B9”
o       Click OK button.
·        You should now see the “Total Average Temp.” in cell B10
o       Again, we don’t want to have to input the formula for each column so hover over the bottom right corner of cell B10 until you get the “+” pointer.
o       Left click and drag to your right a few cells.
o       You should now see the averages across each column.

Now lets create a chart

  • Highlight the data that you want involved in the chart.
  • Click on the “Chart Wizard” icon.
  • Select the type of chart you would like to have.
    • Click “Next”
  • Explore the options in the following area.
    • Click Next
  • Give your chart a title and play with the options.
    • Click “Next”
  • Click “Finish” in the next box.
  • You should now see the following chart.