Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Schoolmaster: Work Station Preferences

Work Station Preferences

Following these tips and suggestions can help tailor your work station to your specific needs and feel of your gradebook.

  1. Click on the “Edit” option from your menu then select the “Workstation Preferences” option.
  2. The first preference, “Startup” determines what happens when you first log into your gradebook.
    1. The “Do Nothing” option will just take you directly into gradebook without opening anything.
    2. The “Select a Class” option will open a box with all of your classes listed an you can select which class you want to go to.
    3. The “Update Rosters Daily” option will update your rosters every time you log into your gradebook.
  3. The “Display” option allows you to change the font style of what you see in your gradebook.
  4. The “Message” option give you some great ways to get some important reminders.
    1. Leave the “Prompt at quit to export to PASS information unchecked.
    2. I would check the “Prompt at quit to export Edline Information”  This allows you to get a message when you log off to export to edline.
    3. I would leave the “Prompt at quit to run backup” option unchecked as long as you have the “Auto-backup” checked.
    4. The “Prompt when duplicating a postable assignment is probably a good one to have checked.  This will let you know when you have more than one calculation that you are planning on exporting to SchoolMaster.
    5. Make sure that you have the “Auto-Backup” checked.  To configure your automatic backups click this link.  Autobackups.
  5. I haven’t played with the Data Entry option, but you can play with it to see what’s up.

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