Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Windows XP: File and Folder Organization Techniques

Have you ever tried to open a file and were denied access?  Have you ever tried to open an Email and it wouldn’t open?  Have you ever wondered what the difference between your “My Documents” and your “Citrix My Documents are?
Common file extensions
Text Files

Instruction on searching these types of files:
  1. Click “Start” and then select “Search”
  2. Select what type of file you want to search for.
  3. Select a time period and then enter the file extension or the name of the file.
  4. Click search and then the results will be displayed on the right.

File organization Strategies (It’s like an outline)
  1. Don’t be shy on creating folders and then folders with in a folder.
    1. Example:  Create a science folder
                                                               i.      Then create a folder for each type of science that you teach
1.      Earth, space, biology, physical
    1. Then make sure that you save everything in the correct folders.
    2. Folder Organization is key to finding files quickly.
  1. Delete files that you no longer will be using or create a folder specifically for those old files.
  2. Make sure you save everything to your Citrix My Documents.
    1. Citrix is backed up every day.

Importance of Folder views:

Knowing the details of your files can be important.  How large are they?  What type of files are they?  What type of program will I need to open those files?

Steps on using views
  1. Open up the folder that contains your files.
  2. You should now see your files
  3. The icons themselves can give you a hint as to what type of file they are.
  4. Click on the “Folder Views” icon
  5. Click the “Details” option
  6. You can now see a lot more about the files
  7. You can sort the files by clicking on the words “Name,” “Size,” “Type,” or “Date Modified.”
  8. You can also right click on any of these files to view details
    1. Right click on file
    2. Select “Properties”


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